Aged Care Checklist – When Looking For An Aged Care Home

Getting the perfect aged home for your parents might be one of the major challenges you may have to face. You want a place that feels like home and has all the basic amenities to aid their needs. It can be daunting at first when you try to draw up a list of what you are looking for but with a nudge in the right direction, you can find the perfect aged home.

If you are undecided about the options available, you can tick off from this list and narrow down your search to what you are truly looking for. While the physical attributes of the home are important, other essential factors to consider include proximity to home, presence of adequate medical facilities, options for recreation, visitation rules and others.

Aged Care Checklist

If you are sceptical about where to start your search, Menarock LIFE aged care is a great place to start. Now you have decided your parents deserve a great aged home, here are our top 30 lists when looking for an aged home.

Start ticking off the aged care checklist, now:

  1. How does the home feel? Does the facility give off a cold sterile feeling as you walk in or do you feel a tinge of homeliness on arrival? It is important to consider this factor as it can determine whether or not your parents enjoy staying at the aged home.
  2. Is the home secure? Are there security checks in place to protect your loved ones? You don’t want a place where it’s easy to walk in and out with care in the world.
  3. How close is the facility to the home? Is it in a familiar neighbourhood or a strange place? You don’t want your loved ones feeling isolated and unloved on arrival.
  4. What are the basic amenities in the aged home? Does the place look maintained or is there evidence of a lack of maintenance? If they can’t keep their facility clean, what are the chances they will cater to your loved ones?
  5. What is the cost of being in the home? Do you have to struggle financially to keep your parents here?
  6. What do the rooms look like? Ask to see some of the rooms to figure out how seriously they take routine maintenance.
  7. What kind of attitude do the caregivers possess? Are they warm-hearted and respectful? Are they cantankerous and ill-mannered?
  8. What does the food look like? Is the menu coordinated and nice for the elderly? Is there a kitchen onsite?
  9. Are you allowed to bring pieces of furniture while moving in your loved ones? Does the room have air conditioning and heating facilities? Are they properly maintained or look broken?
  10. Can you visit your loved ones? Are there policies guiding visitation? Is there a scheduled visiting time? This is important especially if your loved ones are opposed to the idea of living in an aged home.
  11. Does the facility look old and worn out? Are there renovation works on site? This goes a long way to show the dedication of the staff and management to their home. You want your parents to be in the safest hands possible.
  12.  Are there house rules and regulations guiding the residents? This is going to help in the transition, especially at the early stage.
  13. What recreational activities are available for residents? Are there going to be fun activities either solo or in groups? Can your parent come with their private games or recreational tools?
  14. Do they offer self-care services? How often does it occur? Does it come at an extra cost?
  15. Are there plans for outdoor activities? Can residents take up gardening while in the home? You want to ensure they are not missing out on what makes them truly happy by being in the house.
  16. What about languages? Is there another official language apart from the English language?
  17. How are complaints about residents handled? Is the staff indifferent to complaints and enquiries? You need to be certain the staff is polite and kind enough to listen to your complaints and do something about the situation.
  18. What does the introduction session look like? Do residents get to mingle with others on arrival? Is there going to be a case of exclusion for new residents? Are there cliques within the home?
  19. Are there religious activities organized within the facility? Are residents allowed to practice their different religious beliefs? Does the home encourage individualist growth and activities?
  20. Is there any room for pets to visit residents? Are there measures in place to guide such visits, what are they?
  21. What are the diverse activities offered at the home? Is there room for your loved ones to enjoy some of their favourite hobbies like gardening, reading, or crocheting?
  22. Are there medical facilities onsite to deal with clinical care and wounds? How many trained nurses are available to care for residents?
  23.  Is there an onboarding process for families? Is there an organized way to receive weekly or monthly updates about your loved ones?
  24. Does the facility offer services such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, or a special food plan?
  25. How smooth is the transition for new residents? Is the welcoming event comfortable for anyone?
  26. What does the outdoors of the facility look like? Is there a homely feel from the outside or does it look bleak and uninspiring?
  27. Is there special dementia care in place for concerned residents? Can a resident with dementia blend into the community at the home?
  28. Is there any room for entertainment? Does the home look boring? Are the other residents vibrant and happy? Does the other resident look neglected and lonely? The general atmosphere in the home is an important factor to consider. An aged home should be a home away from home.
  29. Is there a provision for 24/7 nursing service? What is the skill set of the nurses available in the home? What is the staff strength? Does the staff look overworked and bored?
  30. Are there fees for extra services? What special services do they offer residents? Is there a competitive edge they have over other homes?

Top 30 aged care checklist

Wrapping up

Deciding on aged care is too important to be hurried. You should endeavour to make proper plans and have your checklist ready to tick off while visiting a prospective home. You are interested in making sure your parents or loved ones are settled and don’t feel disappointed in the long run. You need to ensure they are properly taken care of by the staff, they have a recreational plan in place and the overall atmosphere at the home is welcoming. Take your time to come to a decision, we will advise that you find a list of possible homes to consider and then visit these homes and tick off items on your list. Finding the right home is possible if you put in the work.

Menarock LIFE aged care is a great pick if you are currently weighing your options. For enquiries, send us an email at or call our support centre at 1300 096 971 if you want to know more about any of our homes.


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